Heilman Defense Works For You


After serving for 6 years in the United States Army,  Brad understands what it means to serve others and the sacrifices that servicemen and women make every day.  He is very thankful for all the men and women who keep our country and streets safe and is committed to giving back to our Warriors and First Responders.


From his years as an auditor for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and as a Senior Police Office in the Austin Police Department, Brad has personally experienced what First Responders experience every day. He takes great pride knowing that not many attorneys can say that. This led him to be a criminal defense attorney and represent law enforcement. His mission is to give back to this exceptional community.


After being inspired to make a difference, he’s spent the last decade in the courtroom fighting for the people who fight for us in the front lines of our streets. This journey has taught him that there’s no substitute for countless hours of listening, preparation and the expertise that can come from the courtroom.


“I’ve been a client of Brad’s for several years now. He is extremely attentive and clearly cares about me as a person. I have always been able to reach out to him day or night. Fortunately I have not needed him often but any time I have a question or issue he always answers or calls me back very quickly. He is professional and great at what he does. He represented me on a big case that we won. He has proven to me that his passion is justice and he is there for me when I am in need.”

A Grateful Client