Legal Defense Plan


The Brad Heilman Defense has been dedicated to representing law enforcement officers for many years. During that time, Brad Heilman has taken pride in representing officers to defend their rights in the civil and criminal courtrooms. Furthermore,  Brad has striven to protect the rights of officers with internal administration challenges. Brad Heilman Defense offers a comprehensive legal defense plan providing legal counsel in all matters you may encounter in performing your duties as an officer. As a former law enforcement officer himself, Brad Heilman also believes your dedication and service to the community warrants access to the highest caliber of legal representation for all of your legal needs. This plan will extend to your immediate family and offers a wide array of legal services. It is our promise to you to have your back while you are protecting ours.

Brad Heilman is a graduate of Baylor School of Law. Prior to law school, Brad spent seven years in the United States Army and five years as a patrol officer with the Austin Police Department. While at APD, Brad was involved in two critical incidents one of which resulted in an indictment for official oppression. Brad was in a protracted struggle without backup where the suspect attempted to take Bradʼs duty-weapon from his holster. Brad was accused of civil rights violations for Tasering the suspect who was only handcuffed with the help of two other officers. The incident resulted in an indictment and criminal prosecution. Keel and Nassour, LLP. successfully defended Brad and the other officer through a jury trial resulting in an acquittal. After the events that transpired prior to and during the investigation/trial, Brad swore to graduate law school and fight for other officers across Texas. Upon graduating from Baylor, Keel and Nassour, LLP hired Brad to do for you what they did for him. Officers can take comfort in having someone on your side that knows exactly what you are going through. After many years, Brad recently founded his own firm to defend you.


Officers who are members of the plan and are current on their monthly dues on the date of the occurrence are covered as follows:

  • Legal representation in all internal affairs investigations, whether duty related or not. Participating officers will always have coverage and representation through an internal affairs investigation and through civil service.
  • Legal defense for any criminal allegations related to an on-duty occurrence or from law enforcement based secondary employment including:
    • All hearings or appearances before any court of Federal, State, or local government in which the participating officer is a defendant.
    • Consultation and preparation for a grand jury investigation hearing conducted against a participating law enforcement officer.
  • Legal defense for civil lawsuits related to an on-duty incident or civil lawsuits related to law enforcement based secondary employment.
  • 24/7 consultations for any questions related to your employment.


Many officers are married to other officers or are related to other officers within the first degree of consanguinity. These families should not be required to pay double the amount of dues for legal coverage. In these cases, only one officer will pay the dues but both will be covered under the plan. This extends to officers who are married/related to officers in other departments in the area.


Your plan does not cover the following:

  • An act or omission that is not a duty related incident.
  • The cost of bail bonds, appeal bonds, or other bonds.
  • The payment of judgments, awards, settlements, fines, or penalties of any kind.
  • Any duty related incident occurring prior to the effective date of the participating law enforcement officer’s eligibility.


Upon approval by Brad Heilman Defense, a participating member may choose legal counsel outside of Brad Heilman Defense. The requested attorney must abide by the terms of this plan and agree to an hourly rate for the representation to be covered under the plan.


Brad Heilman or a designated representative thereof will be available 24/7 to respond to any critical incidents involving a participating law enforcement officer.


Coverage under the plan begins the date the membership application is approved by Brad Heilman Defense and payment is received.


Coverage automatically terminates under one of the following conditions:

  • The participating officer’s voluntary cancellation of coverage by giving written notice.
  • The participating officer’s failure to pay required contributions within 7 days of the due date. Incidents occurring after the due date will not be covered.
  • Brad Heilman Defense makes the decision to cancel or not renew the participating officer’s coverage, either individually or as part of a group.


A participating officer may cancel coverage under the plan by giving written notice to Brad Heilman Defense. Coverage ends as of the first day of the calendar month beginning after the date of written notice.


1. The following services include a free, one-hour consultation and a reduction in billing rate:

A. Family Law Related Matters

  •    Divorce
  •    Child custody
  •    Child support modifications
  •    Attorney General support issues
  •    Modifications to divorce decree
  •    Father’s rights
  •    Litigation

B. Corporate/Commercial Law

  •    Setting up a new business or creating legal entities
  •    Assistance with Business development
  •    Reorganize business structure for existing personal business
  •    Advice on possible liability for personal business
  •    Litigation

C. Real Estate

  •    Assist in reviewing contract for purchase/sale of real property
  •    Discuss uses of real property owned by participating officer
  •    Home owners association issues
  •    Commercial Real Estate
  •    Litigation

D. General Labor and Employment

  •    Discrimination
  •    Wage and Hour Law
  •    Wrongful Termination

E. Basic Wills and Probate

2. Participating officers are entitled to a reduced rate as plaintiffs in a personal injury case whether on duty or off duty. The rate is reduced to costs plus a 33.33% contingency. (usual and customary contingency is 40%).

3. At the request of the participating officer, the additional services extend to the officer’s immediate family within the first degree of consanguinity, which includes spouse and children.


To file a claim the participating officer must:

  • Contact Brad Heilman Defense immediately.

Brad Heilman

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